Adoption into the Kingdom of God is the intentional action by God The Father to give each of His people all the privileges of being a part of His family.

God gives believers the status and freedom of being His children, to those He has granted His Salvation through His Son Jesus Christ.

God is The Father of all believers because of His purposed outcome of redemption and justification. His children of His Family are adopted by grace.

All believers, as children of God, are co-heirs with Christ, and are included in the first resurrection of the righteous.

Jesus, God's only begotten Son, calls believers His brothers. All believers are brothers and sisters in the Family and Kingdom of God, The Father. They are members of God's own household.

As members belonging to the Family of God, believers receive responsibilities as well as privileges.

As privileges, children of God are given The Holy Spirit, Eternal Life and because of Christ, each have access to God, their Heavenly Father. Believers are protected, provided for, never forsaken, assured of eternal life, receive God's love and compassion as well as loving discipline.

The responsibility of believers is obedience, loyalty, living in peace, loving others, to be a blessing to others, to shun evil and yield to the purifying work of The Holy Spirit.

Children of God have The Holy Spirit dwelling within them. God has redeemed from the bondage of sin and the Law, all who are sincerely believers of Jesus Christ and His work on The Cross for them. Christ, their Saviour has redeemed them from death itself.

The household into which believers are adopted by God is an environment in which they can mature and exist in quality relationship within the Christian Family.

The Body of Christ is The Family of God. When an individual receives Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, they become a new person beginning a new life, in The Body of Christ. All the old is past away, the life previous to the adoption is gone, there are no debts to be paid from the old life. The old is dead.

Being adopted by God means that as His children, believers are the object of His love, and are partakers of His divine nature.

As a result of their adoption by God into his own household, believers receive a share, a double portion of spiritual possessions. Since Children of God are co-heirs with Christ, believers are kingly priests in the Family of God, for Jesus has shared His victorious inheritance.

Being members of God's own Family, believers become part of the spiritual Israel including both Jews and Gentiles. By adoption, Christians are true spiritual descendants of Abraham. God takes into His Family both Jews and Gentiles who believe in Jesus Christ.

This is a close relationship with God Himself, which He has chosen to bestow on believers.

The greatest priviledge of adoption is having God as Father, a more intimate role than that of creator. The inheritance is by the grace of God. Believers have full rights, the same as 'the first-born Son'; it has been prepared from the beginning of creation and it is permanent.

As beloved children of God, believers are to imitate the Father in all ways.

Children of God's family grow by the power of The Holy Spirit into mature adult Christians. Adopted heirs are not bound in religious slavery.

Adoption expresses a relationship of trust and love, it is a spiritual truth that emphasises the sovereignty and gracious character of the acts of God.

The effects of adoption for believers are beyond comparison. Adoption is a covenantal promise of the immensity of an inheritance that eternity can alone reveal.

The Family of God is His eternal community of His Kingdom.

SCRIPTURES Matthew 5:9, 6:31-33, Galatians 3:24, 4:5.
QUESTIONS 1] For believers, what is the outcome of adoption? 2] What are the responsibilities of adoption? 3] What are the responsibilities of adoption? 4] How are members of God's family to live?

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