ACTS Date A.D. 63-68

The Book of Acts is the Second Volume of Doctor Luke's Gospel. It continues with the doing of The Holy Spirit through the doing of the disciples of Jesus.
Acts means doing work

Geographically the Book of Acts covers land between Jerusalem, Asia, Greece and Rome. Historically it records the first thirty years of the church, which grew out from Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost when the promised gift of The Holy Spirit was given to disciples to have power for witnessing about Jesus Christ. Cultural settings are recorded as the accountants of The Apostles Peter and Paul are noted. The Book is designed around the role of The Holy Spirit, personal individuals and the pioneering missionary outreaches to new territory. Chapter fifteen is the most important chapter in church history, fulfilling the return of the House of David, as a worshipping kingly priesthood before God within the Holy of Holies.

There was documented the triumph of Christianity in spite of bitter persecution. The Work of the Apostles is distinct from Judaism but also its fulfillment.
The Book of Acts is the fifth of five New Testament Gospels, which are also considered History Books containing teaching, miracles and the Ascension of Christ. It is also the fifth of twenty-seven Books of The New Testament.


 Jesus' Post-Resurrection Ministry

 The Ascension of Christ

 The Promise of Return

 The Baptism of The Holy Spirit

 The Expansion of The Church

 Court Trials


ACTS 5: 29

Obedience pleases God; it is a total and heartfelt commitment. It is more important not only to obey God but to also please Him rather than other people. Christians have to put their priorities in the right order. There are circumstances where a Christian cannot obey both God and man. This willingness to obey is to be put into effect. God rewards those who obey Him. The Bible teaches that all people should submit not only to God by His divinely instituted secular authorities, to the county's rulers, to church leaders, to heads of households, but not those in authoritative positions expect others to be in disobedience to God and His Word. When this predicament occurs, Christians should for their own sakes obey God for the reward which is received in heaven for being faithful to The Word of God is much, much greater than insults, exclusion of others or abuse.

Obedience to God's Word is the willingness to submit to its authority. Scripture puts emphasis upon the need for believers to be obedient to God, trusting in His faithfulness. Obedience to a secular authority is limited by faithful obedience to God. Reverence expresses itself in active obedience.

Christ sent His believers to make disciples of the nations, in this instance it is better to obey God if all governmental and social efforts are exhausted.


Jesus is The Spirit Baptiser and The Living Word.

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