ADORATION -Father, in The Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, we come before You and confess that You Alone are God. You are Worthy to receive praise and thanksgiving for Your Mercy and Goodness endure forever and ever.

You are the Almighty God, who created The Universe and set it in motion! You made the earth and it is You who gives Life and Breath to all those upon it. You deserve exaltation for Your Word and Your Wisdom! You are The God who constantly delivers! You Rescue Your children out of 'Egypt', of bondage and of darkness and bring them into the Kingdom of Light.

You are The God of Salvation, of All-Power, of All-Might; You are Holy, Righteous and True! You are Faithful!
We give You praise and worship You for Your Greatness, Your Loving Kindness and Mercy. We exalt You, for Your benefits towards us last forever! Your Truth endures forever! We revere You for Who You are! You are Supreme, All- Sufficient! Your Throne is lifted up and rules over all! All Authority, All dominion, All Power is under subjection to The Name of The Lord God of Hosts. We confess that You Alone are the True God of Miracles, of Signs and Wonders.

You Forgive our sins and teach us to forgive others. Thank You for giving us Jesus, for His suffering and dying for us, taking away our second death and giving us Eternal Life, so that we can live with You Forever. Jesus is our Lord and Saviour! Heavenly Father, the scope of Your Plan is so Wonderful!
We praise You for working in our lives, In the Loving Name of Your Obedient Son, Jesus. AMEN.

CONFESSION -Gracious Father, In the Name of Jesus, as we commit ourselves to You, we acknowledge any bitterness, envy, strife and unkindness in any form, selfishness or pride that we have within our being. We ask for Your Mercy upon us as we confess and ask Your Forgiveness for our sins that we have committed against you and our fellowman, whether consciously or unconsciously, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
We ask You to forgive those who have wronged us, and ask that their sins be not held against them, for You forgave us, so we can forgive them. May those who we hurt or do wrong against, also forgive us. Your Love is within us because of the Holy Spirit which You have freely Given us. May we be attentive always to Him and Your Word and learn wisdom and understanding, producing Fruits of the Spirit to the Glory of Your Name, because of Christ Jesus, who Died and Rose from the dead and Ascended back to heaven. Father, You want a sincere, humble, contrite attitude from us with a willingness to turn from sin. We bow before You, we humbly submit ourselves to You for Mercy and Forgiveness, this we do and ask in the Precious Name of Your Son, Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Because we belong to Christ, our sins are forgiven, when we daily ask, for we are covered by His Blood that was shed for us and we trust ourselves to what He accomplished for us. In His Victorious Name, we come to You. AMEN

THANKSGIVING-Thank You Father, for Loving us and Supplying all our needs. we thank You for Your Much Beloved Son. Blessed be Your Name forever- May we never forget that You loved us so much that You allowed Jesus to be humiliated and put to death for us- we long to show our appreciation for the Love Shown on the Cross.

Accept our thanksgiving and praises from those of us who are Your Children, for the Gracious Gift that has been given to us who believe You. We praise You for the privilege of being in Your Family, in The Body of Christ and being so called by His Wonderful Name. Let us not forget the responsibility that goes with us who are called Christians [the anointed ones] so as not to let Your Name be scoffed at, but to show Glory that is Yours to others. Thank You that Your Every Word proves True!

We thank You for Defending all who come to You for Protection. Thank You that You are Faithful to Your Promises. Praises to You, Father God, for You Hold the World in Your Hands and You Have Complete Control Over All things regarding what goes on upon it and around it, and concerning the seasons. May we always show our gratitude for Your Wonderful Creation and all its diversities of life. We thank You for Your created angels that carry out Your Will in our lives.

We thank You for our special friends, those who are close to us, those who might need us, giving purpose to Your Will in our lives. We thank You for those who are sincere, those whom we can trust; may we be trustworthy unto others. We thank You for those who have done us harm, those who have wronged us and we ask You to bless them for we are told in Your word 'in everything give thanks unto You' Heavenly Father. Glory be to You, In Jesus' Name. AMEN.

SUPPLICATION- Please Lord, as we renew our mind daily with Your Word and Your Spirit may we have common sense, Your Strength, Your Assistance each day for a calm, undisturbed mind and heart. Lord, just as we trusted You to save us, we receive Your Help and aid us to know that You are there, always Faithfully for us to trust; that we might realise how vital it is to live in union with You and to have our dependence upon Your Trustworthiness. Assist us as we allow our roots grow into You deeply and draw nourishment from You, our Source of all things, that we can see ourselves growing in You, Lord, and in Your Word, becoming strong and vigorous in the Truth. Heavenly Father, we ask You to help us get our values and attitudes in the right priority in every area of our lives. We need to have sympathy towards others, loving others with a tender heart, and be ready to serve. May we not repay evil with evil, not to go against the Guiding of the Holy Spirit. We ask that others see Your Love in us, and we trust The Holy Spirit to guard our tongues. Assist us to keep peace with our fellow man. May the way we live please and honour You, by our doing good kind deeds for others. We ask for wisdom about earthly and spiritual ways. We thank You for rescuing us from the ignorance of evil and bringing us into Your Kingdom. We thank You that You hear the requests of Your Children and grant them according to Your Will, Your Time, for Your Purpose and Glory. In The Almighty Name of Jesus Christ, AMEN,.

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