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2 PETER Date A.D. 65-68

The Second Book of Peter teaches believers how to deal with false teachers and evil doers who have infiltrated The Church.

Peter means small pebble, stone.

It is an urgent, short message for the Christian community to combat fraudulent teachers who are ungodly people who will be destroyed for their Master is not Christ. In the open letter to the Asian Minor churches, it is advised not to let error of false doctrine lead those who are saved away from the True Path. The false teaching was Christless teaching, shameless arrogance, presumption and all self-will. These types of fraudulent teachers will be condemned and separated from the presence of God. All teaching is to be measured against the teachings of Jesus and His Apostles.

The letter is to encourage Christian growth and to give confident assurance of the certainty of The Return of Christ. The text exhorts believers to add to faith, virtue, knowledge, self-control, patience, godliness, kindness and love.

Only God knows the hour when the earth shall be melted and destroyed by fervent heat in a great explosion. It is a work that is respected for its contents.

The Second Book of Peter is the third of seven Church Letters recognised as Cannon. This universal work is also considered a Book containing teaching. It is also the twenty-second of twenty-seven Books of The New Testament.


 Christian Virtues

 Value of Growth

 False Teachers

 Christ's Return

2 PETER 3:13(a)

The process of development is progress in The Kingdom of God. There are many symbols used for growth in The Bible to express personal belief and trust, such as seeds, plants and trees. Growth is not just in the area of faith and knowledge but also and important development in love Believers are to pray for the spiritual growth and maturity for other members in God's Kingdom. Growth comes from God through discipleship, from basic teaching to mature thinking, exercising spiritual gifts and persevering in The Truth of Christ.

Pursuing spiritual maturity will lead to doctrinal stability. It is protection against false teachers and combats heretical teaching, which is helped by a good knowledge of the Scriptures, a must to live a true Christian life. Spiritual discipline helps a Christian's growth and development. It is something that all Christians should seek and commit themselves to continue throughout their life.
True knowledge of God is obedience, the right belief that results in right growth. By getting to know God better, Christians will be equipped to stand for The Truths of Christ in all circumstances. God gives spiritual strength along with His grace. There are many examples of spiritual growth in The Bible of God's servants. A believer knows The Truth, therefore all error doctrines and theories should be left behind, preventing spiritual adultery and being led astray by deception, which would be the severest situation to happen to a believer.


Jesus is The Believer's Strength, and The Source of All Knowledge.

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