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2 JOHN Date A.D. 85-95

The Second Book of John is another warning against fraudulent teachers, written by the same Apostle John, who wrote the first Book of his name.

John means God has been gracious

The letter was to inform the people in Asia Minor that travelling evangelists and teachers that were teaching false doctrines of Christianity were not to be accepted as honest missionaries into believer's homes. Discernment is urged for the Truth is to be supported rather than heresy. The door to false teachers must be closed. The letter was not widely circulated because the recipients were small in number. It also teaches of the Person and Work of Christ in Christian Doctrine, affects all areas of theology. The missionaries to be supported must acknowledge the Truth about Jesus Christ.

The brief letter encourages believers to continue to love one another which is a divine command of Christ and that there is fulfillment found in the Christian Belief of Truth. The word 'truth' is found five times in the first four verses that urge to show discernment against falsehood.

The Second Book of John is the fifth of seven Church Letters. This universal work is also considered a Book containing teaching. It is also the twenty-fourth of twenty-seven Books of The New Testament.




 Protect The Truth

 Love Each Other

 Warning Against Counterfeits

2 JOHN 1:5(b)

Christians are to be known for their love for each other. This is the teaching of Christ. The Bible instructs God's people to love each other. It is the second greatest commandment. Love offers the clearest test of the truthfulness of its confession and the sincere obedience to God's commands. Belief may be false and confession only of the lips, but the agape love that comes from God cannot be counterfeited.
The Biblical command to love is not new. Believers experience growth in their love for each other, which is warm-hearted sincere affection to all in God's family. Love is action, it is obedience and love can be shown in many ways, by avoiding prejudice, discrimination, accepting people, helping, listening, giving, serving and refusing to judge. Christian love must be put into practice towards each other; its resource is unlimited and readily available to all. Christian love effectively furthers the Work of Christ.
Christian love is not maudlin; it is a sincere practicing love in behaviour and hospitality. Love promotes fellowship and sacrificial service. Christian love is to be seen in demonstration to foreigners. Love for others is patterned on God's love for His people. There is power in love. God is the source of love and is revealed in the Cross of Jesus Christ. Love is also a fruit of The Holy Spirit.

Love is shown by deeds.


Jesus is The Truth, The One in Whom Believers Abide, The Coming One.

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