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The Second Book of Corinthians was written by Paul The Apostle with discipline. The church had been infiltrated by false teachers.

Corinthian means to practice immorality

Throughout The Second Corinthian text The Apostle Paul is forced to defend his authenticity as an Authoritative Apostle. The Apostle covers many of His personal experiences during His ministry, some that were life threatening. It is the most personal revealing letter of Paul, the man and minister of the New Covenant. The book also encourages those who are discouraged and transformation is assured.

This book gives the most complete revelation of God's plan and purposes for giving. Generosity is rewarded by God. The expositions of The New Covenant ministry are allegiance to Christ, to serve others is not being exploited. Meekness and gentleness, commitment to righteousness, trust and forgiveness always is to be encouraged. Leadership comes from serving, people have value, in weakness there is strength and to aim at perfection in love.

The Second Book of Corinthians is the third of nine New Testament doctrinal and discipleship letters written by The Apostle Paul to the early churches. These books are also considered History Books containing teaching. It is also the eighth of twenty-seven Books of The New Testament.


 God's Direction in Ministry

 What Death means to a Christian

 Generosity Encouraged

 Paul's Apostolic Authority

2 CORINTHIANS 5:19 (a)

The deepest possible expression of God's character is shown through the sacrificial loyal covenants with the people of His Creation. The gift of God's Son is a unique act of love. God has shown great love for the corporate world and people individually. His love transforms human love. God is able to reconcile mankind to Himself because all sin has been reckoned to Christ instead of the sinful human race, who are born separated from God. His death was in the place of mankind who choose Him. Reconciliation is effective through repentance and faith in Christ. An aspect of God's nature is His sympathetic understanding of human nature. Jesus Christ reflects the compassion of God The Father. The means of reconciliation is the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus and the result are both personal and universal. To those who faithfully believe that Jesus was God and that He did die for them on the cross, God counts as righteous in Christ, and believers are reconciled to Him. God desires that all would be restored and Christians, The Body of Christ, have the privileged ministry of reconciliation, to tell others of the works of Christ throughout the world. Ever since rebellion alienated humankind from God, He has always established covenant relationships, and initiated an individual's reconciliation.

Jesus Christ is the ultimate evidence of God's faithfulness.


Jesus is All Sufficient, The Reconciler, The Light and The Judge.

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