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The Second Book of Chronicles was documented by post-exile Jews who returned to their homeland. It is a book of hope and has a timeless message; the people have a future with God.

Chronicle means marking the Words of the Days

The Second Book of Chronicles ignores the Northern Kingdom because those living in the Northern Kingdom refused to worship at The Temple in Jerusalem. The Temple worship instructions are significant for the returning exiles as they rebuild The Temple over 400 years later after King Solomon's dedication of the first Temple. This Temple is known as Zerrubabel's Temple. The Governor of Jerusalem is no longer a prince.

The Book is an editorial on the spiritual characteristics of David's House and the building and consecration of Solomon's Temple. Its pages teach that whenever people forsake God, He withdraws His blessings, but trust and obedience brings victory. What the prophets, the men who spoke for God had said, had been fulfilled and the post-exiles were witnesses to these facts.

The Second Book of Chronicles is the sixth Royal History and the ninth Book of History of Israel in The Promised Land.


 God's Provisions to Solomon

 The Building of The Second Temple

 Northern Kingdom Exiled

 Southern Kingdom Exiled

 God Sends His People Home


2 Chronicles 6:30

God's knowledge is superior to human knowledge. God knows all, past present and future. All that is hidden from human sight is known by God. The wisdom of God is in His all-embracing knowledge. God has knowledge of all people, their actions and foreknowledge of their individual needs. The attitude and motives of the heart show to God, the will of a person as well as true or false emotions. God knows what prompts each person to act in a certain way and the motive or manner in regard to persons or things, whether sincere, honest or deceit and duplicity. Only He truly knows the nature of human hearts and minds.

It is of uttermost importance to do deeds and live with the sincere intention of honouring and glorifying God. God judges the motives of the heart of all humankind. He alone knows the underlying reasons for the course of actions taken. God's knowledge ensures that all will be judged justly. His knowledge is complete.

Believers are encouraged to adopt attitudes of trust, belief, hope, love, respect, repentance, humility, self-denial, submission and thankfulness. Sincerity can only come from the heart.


Jesus is The Temple, One Greater than The Temple. Christ likens His body to The Temple. He replaces The Temple. 'The Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its Temple'. Revelation 21:22

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