Jesus is the only way by which any of mankind can approach God The Father, and come to know God.

"No one comes to The Father except through Me". John 14:6

This statement means what it says, no one can be saved without Jesus, and today it is pushed aside as people become tolerant and respectful, even fascinated by the beliefs of heathen and pagan societies. (Heathen, an irreligious people or unenlightened person. Pagan, civilian community professing some other than the Christian religion, applied to the ancient Romans, Greeks, etc., and sometimes the Jewish sects).

In the days of the Roman Empire, those in command, also tried to keep all peoples of the Empire happy by accepting each demi-god that was worshipped amongst their many communities that were mystery religions, exotic cults and Eastern/Greek philosophies. This is what God calls an abomination and spiritual adultery.

Jesus told His disciples that He was going to prepare a place for them, His answer for those who were to follow Him was,
"I am The Way, The Truth and The Life". John 14:6

Jesus is the way to The Father's House in heaven, He is also The Truth. Jesus is the One to whom God The Father has committed the Resurrection of the dead. No one goes to The Father who does not go through Him, for He is the only way.

It is quite obvious that Jesus' words are exclusive to Him.

Salvation through The Name and Person of Jesus Christ is the only way to receive safety and refuge from Divine Judgement. It is also the only way for the release of God's blessings, and receive His favour.

The reality of salvation exclusively through Jesus Christ is continuously expounded throughout The Bible.
Acts 17:30-31.30 In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. 31 For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed. He has given proof of this to all men by raising Him from the dead."

Many peope are drifting away from Foundational Truths of The Bible and are accepting the belief of all religion because that seems to teach similar messages about life and God, and there are many books available that attack the Christian Faith and the reality of Jesus. God is a jealous God; He will not share his status with another.

The claim of Jesus is repeated many times, letting others know that any other way of life leads only to destruction.

Many people are offended by this fact, and try to undermind Christians because of this, but more is explained as claims are made by the Apostles that the whole world will appear before God to be judged according to the standards and words of Jesus.

Mere mortal men or women who gather a following of disciples, do not have any power to save mankind before God, or from His Wrath, but only to lead others on a wrong path of deception, for thier own importance. Humankind does like to accept the idea of Salvation through Krishna, Buddha or Mohammed or just simply the belief in God, Judaism without Christ. Jesus did not add a new religion, He fulfilled the prophecies and promises of God.

However tolerant people become, it is unscriptual for any other to claim that God sent Jesus to die for mankind. No other way is possible. This will continue to be an offence to the 'modern mind', but the commitment to the person of Jesus Christ was God's chosen way.

There is no mystical meaning in the Name of Jesus, it is The Person and His authority. Jesus is Lord (the boss) and no others will do.

Throughout the New Testament, Jewish Christians were warned if they turned back to the Old Law of Judaism, away from Jesus, a rejecting of God's New Covenant, that there was not any salvation for them.

All of the New Testament teaches what Jesus claimed, that Jesus is the exclusive way to God and Eternal Life. Death cannot destroy the life that Christ gives, through the new birth by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is not one of many ways, but the Only Way.
John 6.

The issue is not whether or not people like this claim, but the Truth of it is, people are being deceived if they think they can go to God any other way. Those who are already disciples are called to be witnesses amongst others with the Truth and the Life that is only found in Jesus Christ, who is Lord and Saviour of mankind, the Only One who has come down from heaven and returned. Ephesians 2.

For those who have never heard of Jesus, it is up to The Body of Christ to preach where the Gospel has not yet been preached. To those who have been before and had not heard of Jesus by a human messenger of Christ's sacrifice for them, God's character always will bring about His revelation to all as He chooses, for He does not leave people without a witness of Himself, but not through a human being who say that they are divine. 1Peter 4.

God has not appeared on this earth as any other person than Jesus. The real Jesus is identified by His nail pierced wounds. Jesus Christ perfectly displays the Glory of God, exactly representing God's likeness and character to the world.

Jesus Christ represents God's absoluteness. All things find their fulfilment in Him and no other. The fullness of God dwells in Jesus Christ and He is without impurity. Jesus Christ has the power over sin and death. No other has defeated the power of death, especially for others and not Himself, He is alive today, glorified and exalted by God The Father.

All humanity will see the majesty of Jesus the next time He appears, at His Second Coming. Commitment to Jesus Christ is grounded in the knowledge of His saving power and divinity that no other can claim.

God, the Creator is a God who intervenes with His Created people, He askes them to pray and talk to Him and He wants to be part of their lives. Jesus was God in human form to give people a manifestation, an example of Himself and His purposes and principles.

Jesus came to save and give life. Christians are called to share in His mission. God has chosen every believing person to carry His message throughout the world, which includes their local communities as well. 'Throughout the world', not necessarily leaving home, means being totally able to serve, wherever, whenever, however The Holy Spirit directs. Colossians 4:1.

All disciples are to share in The Great Commission for the Kingdom of God. Saving souls is saving others from everlasting destruction to everlasting life of peace and joy that the mind of mankind cannot grasp a hold of. The torments of hell, that is eternal separation from God and all that is good, should be given up no matter what the cost on earth.

Disciples are to understand that servanthood to God is to serve others, and all are accountable to God. A lifestyle is a key testimony, being determined to live a separated life to serve God, sharing the Gospel, praying and studying God's Word. A steward's responsibility is time, talent, finance, good management, avoidance of any waste in all areas, investment in people, sharing the things of God to edify others and to glorify God.

Jesus took every opportunity to make the message of God's love, mercy and forgiveness known. Without these qualities being known, individuals, as well as nations can sink into decadence, decline and disintegrate.

Jesus did not waste His time, He met with those who had honest questions and needs. He never changed or altered His message.

Christians know and recognise God's authority because of His recorded Word.

He is the Beginning and End of all things.

Being Commissioned is the purpose of every believer in Jesus Christ to communicate to others in the world who Jesus is, to expound to others His offer of Salvation and gift of Eternal Life, thus saving their souls, but also the task is to make of them baptised disciples.

Many Christians have a problem in not fulfilling the Great Commission ordained by Jesus, even Christian nations fail to produce fully committed, dedicated disciples. To make Christ known to others is through the Word of God, living uncompromising Christian lives, being a living letter, an example of Christ's Life, in compassion, giving, loving, praying, and acknowledging God in all areas.

The Holy Spirit in a believer's life helps them to be an effective bold witness to others, being ready to speak of His works, His sacrifice and the provision of life abundantly now and eternally.

Believers should always be ready to share with unbelievers the provision God has brought into their lives. A personal testimony is unique to the hearer, a sharing of personal information. Unbelievers do not realise that they also can have unlimited access to God, through Jesus Christ.

The Great Commission is evangelism, the preaching of the gospel of Christ, especially in remote areas where Christ is not yet known. Even though populated areas have known of Christ, many are secret believers or in name only. Jesus is not a human 'holy man', nor a reincarnation of one, nor is he a magician of the occult or any type of mystic. He is The Saviour who is able to give Life and He is the Judge of all.

Gnostics, who are full of New Age religous knowledge need Christians to bring them to a greater understanding of The Truths of God in order that they can make a dedication to Christ and His priesthood, thus saving for Eternity their souls.

SCRIPTURE John 6, 14, Matthew 28:16-20.
QUESTIONS 1] What did Jesus Himself claim? 2] Who are to carry out the great commission? 3] Why is Jesus the Only Way? 4] Where did Jesus come from and return to?

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