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1 TIMOTHY Date A.D. 63-65

The First Book of Timothy is a pastoral letter written by The Apostle Paul to His apostle representative, Timothy, to give instruction regarding the pastoral care of The Church at Ephesus.

Timothy means honouring God

The First Book of Timothy records the major problem of heresy, the false doctrine that was arising in the growing Church. There was a need for the set pattern of public prayer and worship as well as sound doctrine. Church leadership qualifications are set by the Christians personal lifestyle. Mature leaders must be an example to others, both in The Church and to unbelievers.

The letter is highly valued for the guidance in stabilising new churches, the importance of good works and godly living. Worldly wealth is to be used for good works that are approved by God with the opportunity for the rich to serve God and others willingly.

At the time this letter was written, the precarious Nero ruled Rome and Christianity had become an illegal religion throughout The Roman Empire. It was previously known to be a peaceful, loving community giving the ruling empire no cause for trouble.

The First Book of Timothy is the first of four New Testament personal pastoral letters written by The Apostle Paul. These books are also considered Church History Books containing teaching. It is also the fifteenth of twenty-seven Books of The New Testament.



 Nature of Heresy

 Public Prayer and Worship

 Overseers and Deacons

 Older and Younger Members


1 Timothy 4:4

The created order is dependent upon and under the authority of the Creator; His free will based on His own good wisdom and power. God's Word itself is a witness to the goodness of God's creation.

God's creation should cause people to worship Him for His goodness and perfection. A mistaken doctrine that is unbiblical, is the belief that the material world is evil. The natural world in its beauty speaks of the reality of God's goodness. God's creation speaks of God's nature and character; His Creation is a revelation of Himself. God's creation is called very good. This statement strikes at the very core of all heresy.

People are to enjoy the good things God has created and instated for mankind to enjoy. Scripture lets believers know that they are to be enjoyed gratefully. This includes both marriage and food. God instituted marriage for propagation of human life and food for sustaining life.

God's intention in creation is not to deny mankind the good things of God, but to bestowed with divine blessing upon them, received with thanksgiving, especially by those who believe and know The Truth, to render thanksgiving to God. God allows those who do not recognise Him or thank Him to enjoy the benefits of His creation while they live because of His mercy. God's people receive the witness of creation by faith.

A good Creator creates only what is good.


Jesus is The Saviour, The Teacher, The One Mediator between God and Humankind.

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