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The First Book of Thessalonians is The Apostle Paul's text containing the Doctrine of the Second Coming of Christ and the last stages of History of humankind.

Thessalonica, was a large seaport city that was an important communication centre in Macedonia (Northern Greece), an Ancient northern Roman Naval base.

The First Book of Thessalonians is a book of encouragement in the face of persecution and reflection of faith. It is also a foundation grounding in eschatology matters. The Second Coming of Christ signifies hope and comfort to all believers.

The large population of Jews who settled there opposed Christian missionaries.

The letter also addresses the practical life of believers who have resisted constant pressure from a pagan unholy society. The pagan Gentiles had turned to Christ, and Paul urged them to have a consistent relationship with God. Holy living was a repeated topic in the Doctrinal Letters; believers won the respect of non-believers as they developed personal responsibility, especially towards Christian Leaders.

The project contains no quotations from The Old Testament and it is thought to be the oldest piece of literature of The New Testament written only twenty years after the Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus.

The First Book of Colossians is the eighth of nine New Testament doctrinal and discipleship letters written by The Apostle Paul to the early churches. These books are also considered History Books containing teaching. It is also the thirteenth of twenty-seven Books of The New Testament.


 God's Word Heard and Shared

 Genuine Belief

 Directives for Growth

 Live to Please God

 The Return of Christ Described


Human love is patterned on God' love. There is great power in love. God is the source of love. Christians are to be abundantly full of the love of Christ and persistently show His love for each other, so that it overflows actively towards them. Christians express their love for one another by caring and praying for the sick, in helping with the needs of their fellow Christians. Christians also demonstrate their love for each other by affectionate greetings.

There is a never-ending supply of love from God that enables love to be continually growing. Christ told His disciples that His followers would be identified by their genuine love for one another. Caring commitments are grounded in the nature of God. He defines the direction is which love develops.

Character and value of love offers the understanding of its source. Love is part of The Holy Spirit's fruit. Love breaks down barriers of resentment. Scripture promotes the love of God, family, for each other and for country. God's people are to love and forgive their enemies.

The love believers are to have for each other overlooks offenses. God has taken the initiative in showing love. Love maintains fellowship and promotes sacrificial service.

God's people are to be known by their love.

 CHRIST IN THE FIRST BOOK OF THESSALONIANS Jesus is The Believer's Hope, The Sanctified and Coming One, The Perfect Rewarder.

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