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The First Book of Samuel is a book of biographies. The Book is named after the Spiritual Priest of Israel. The Book is also called First Kingdoms.

Samuel means The Name of God.

First Samuel is an important Book for it preserves the beginning of the nation's Royal History. It describes the progression of leadership in Israel from Judges to Monarchy.

The Book teaches to trust God, the cost and the rewards of commitment.

Events recorded In the Book are spread over 115 years from Samuel's birth to King Saul's death.

The First Book of Samuel is the first Royal History and the fourth Book of History of Israel in The Promised Land.




 Samuel's' Sons Fail

 Man's Choice of a King

 God's Choice for a King

 David and Goliath

 David a Fugitive

 King Saul's Death

I Samuel 2:2

God is holy, which is marked off, set apart, withdrawn from ordinary use. He alone is God. He is unique, He is eternally stable, reliable and is a refuge. His Sovereignty overrides all things and He has the power over life and death. God is the unfailing source of security for His people who trust in Him, also acknowledging that He is their benefactor and declare The Truth that there is none beside Him.

People should be in admiration of His infinite perfection. He is a peerless being with unparalleled excellence that reveals His character and deeds. He lets His trustworthiness and His personal nature be known.

There is no one like God; nothing is comparable to His triune nature, His creative acts, His glory or His ability to save. His sovereignty extends over all things. Only God is to be worshipped.

God transcends all limitations of time and endures forever. He existed before time and will after time. His Word and Kingdom are eternal. God is outside and above all creation.
He alone is God; He is the One True Living God.


Christ is portrayed as Prophet, Priest, King, and Judge. Samuel is a type of Jesus, as a prophet, priest and Judge; Christ is the Ultimate Anointed Prophet, Priest, King and Judge. Jesus is a Shepherd, He is the Root, the offspring of David, He is the Intercessor, and the Kingdom Holder.

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