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The Book of Ruth is named after Ruth, the Moabite.

RUTH means friendship.

The Book of Ruth deals with God's provision set in the dark era. The central theme of Naomi, a widow from emptiness to fullness, through the obedience of Ruth. God blessed Ruth's selfless acts.

The Book of Ruth teaches believers about one of Christ's offices. Jesus is a believer's Kinsman Redeemer.
A kinsman redeemer is a close influential relative to whom members of the extended family turned for help, usually in a family crisis when land or any possessions were in danger of being lost. The kinsman redeemer was to buy back family land, buy back enslaved relatives, and provide an heir for a dead brother or blood relative by a special marriage called levirite marriage.

A kinsman redeemer was also the avenger regarding the killing of a relative and carer for all relatives in difficult circumstances.

The Book of Ruth is the third of twelve Old Testament Books of National History in The Promised Land.


Ruth 2:4

This statement is an expression of favour, hope and praise for the future, even life forever more. It is acknowledgement of God's goodness to bestow the nature of that which is of the highest good, and is more than a social greeting. Blessing is the opposite of cursing; it is a state of happiness.

God providentially directs all existence and its functions. God provides blessings, either directly or through His representatives. God's initiative rests with Him.

Spiritual and material benefits are given as gifts by God to be enjoyed. He is the source of all blessings. The condition of God's blessings is to obey and revere Him. There are God's blessings of peace, victory, restoration, fruitfulness and prosperity. However, disobedience and sin can cause God to remove His blessing.


Jesus is portrayed as the Kinsman-redeemer, who because of His work, is able to pay the Price of Redemption. He is the Mighty Man and Lord of The Harvest. The Provider of Promised Blessings and the Great Son of David.

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