1 PETER Date A.D. 60-64

The First Book of Peter was written by The Apostle Peter and contains the same thought and expression of The Apostle Paul's letters and was universally received by Jewish Christians and Gentiles Christians. Peter was the Apostle to the Jews and known as the Apostle of Hope.

Peter means small pebble, stone.

The first letter of Peter is very short and covers various Church Doctrines, Christian life and responsibilities, which was sent to the churches throughout Asia Minor before the outbreak of Roman persecution. It is known to be a text that deals with the True Grace of God, which is the general description along with a series of exhortations. The letter teaches the proper response to salvation is the pursuit of holiness in living before others and shares the understanding of the purpose for their suffering from hostile Jews. Peter urges that through a life of godly living a believer will discover God's abundant grace and peace. Twenty-six times Peter dwells on the joy and glory that belongs to the believer. The text gives several reasons why Christians are to sometimes suffer for the sake of righteousness during times of persecution.

Peter calls Jesus The Living Stone, A Precious Capstone and Rock who is The Head of all living stones who are as a holy priesthood, a living building, The Church. Peter does not call himself the rock on whom The Church is built but several times refers to Jesus as The Rock.

The First Book of Peter is the second of seven Church Letters. This universal work is also considered a Book containing teaching. It is also the twenty-first of twenty-seven Books of The New Testament.


 A Call to Holiness

 A Chosen People

 Christ is The Example

 End Times

 Christian Conduct

1 PETER 1:4(a)

The gift of Eternal Life can not be earned but received as a gift from God. It is the state of being permanently with God, which begins in this life and will be consummated at the time of the resurrection of believers. This eternal glory is the inheritance of every believer.

Eternal life is an endless life and a quality of life. God is the source and giver of Eternal Life, which comes through Jesus Christ. Eternal life is a believer's present possession and is experienced now. The receiving of The Holy Spirit is a sign of the new life and future hope. Eternal Life is the life to come, being with Christ forever for believers. It is a certain hope and confidence in God's truthful and faithful promises. The eternal promise cannot decay and is divinely preserved and kept for the believer. Not only are believer born again into an inheritance of Eternal Life but to a promise of it being divinely guarded. Knowing God in this unique way is sharing the inheritance of Jesus Christ. It is knowing and enjoying all of God's blessings. Eternity is limitless time over which God is supreme and it is the believer's home and inheritance in The Messiah's Eternal Kingdom.


Jesus is The Living Hope, Chief Shepherd and Overseer, The Precious Cornerstone of the Believer's Faith.

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