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The First Book of Kings tells of The Life of King Solomon, David's son who was the wisest man that ever lived and the building of the first Temple of worship built by King Solomon. First and Second Kings were originally one book describing vividly how each generation disobeyed God.

King means present kingdom ruler.

First Kings is the record of Great significant building achievements that were carried out by monarchs. The book deals with the Kingdoms division and the succeeding Kings of both Judah and Israel, including the apostasy events that happened before the Northern and Southern Kingdoms were each taken into exile. First Kings document the people's disobedience, idolatry, their ungodliness and unfaithfulness to the Covenant with God. Morally, spiritually, politically and economically the nation in First Kings quickly headed for demise of the two Kingdoms. The Book tells of civil wars between the two Kingdoms. The contents also reveal the activity of God's prophets.

The First Book of Kings is the third Royal History and the sixth Book of History of Israel in The Promised Land.


 David's Death

 Splendid Reign of Solomon

 The Temple Built in Jerusalem

 The Decline of Solomon

 A Divided Kingdom

 Elijah The Prophet

 Decline of Both Empires

I Kings 8:56

Scripture stresses the total reliability on God's promises. He is faithful in keeping all His promises.

God's faithfulness is known through His fulfilled promises. They are unchanging and continual. Believers should always acknowledge the testimony of God's covenant faithfulness to His people. People can rely upon His promises. His faithfulness sets God apart for worship, praise and reverence. His faithfulness and goodness is to be praised. God's perfect loyalty and consistency is in being true to His Name, Character and His Word. God demonstrates His goodness in His actions, in His works, His love, His commands and in His promises.

Examples of kept covenant promises are with Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, the Israelites, with Phineahas, with King David and with Jeremiah. All of God's promises are grounded and fulfilled in Jesus Christ, who brings superior covenant promises. God's Promises are to be received by believers.

Promises are given to the obedient and the righteous. God's promises are for a lifetime. God works for good even in unfavourable circumstances.

One thing was certain, God remained faithful and did not completely reject His people because of their unfaithfulness.


Christ is portrayed as The King and Wisdom of God. The Great king and Prophet, The True Royal Descendant of David.

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