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The First Book of Chronicles was documented by post-exile Jews who returned to their homeland. Many of whom had been born in captivity. They sought their history credentials to see if God's covenant was still in force for the new generation.

Chronicles means documentation of words and events

First Chronicles retraces the whole of Israel's History and details the Royal line of David. The annals were regarded as a supplement to The Books of Samuel and Kings. The history and geography does not change on the surface, but it is not the same. There are recording of speeches that were not previously noted. The returning descendants wanted to know all about their identity. Recorded are extensive genealogies from Adam to the remnant of the returned exiles from tribes that did return. The perspective of history is different in a spiritual religious way. It has a priestly view of temple worship, ministry and obedience to the Covenant and Law of God. The Book underscores the importance of obedience, and gave the people hope for the promised coming Messiah.

The First Book of Chronicles is the fifth Royal History and the eighth Book of History of Israel in The Promised Land.


 Israelite Family Tree

 Post-Exile Family Tree

 Saul's Life and Death

 David's Enthronement

 David's Plans for The Temple

 David's Prayer

I Chronicles 16:34

These statements of Scripture are the deepest possible declarations of God's character that show He is deeply committed and loyal to His people. His characteristics are proven by His actions. God's perfect qualities are made freely available to all. The goodness of God is made freely available for the benefit of the whole wide world. God alone is good and people experience His goodness as well as relying upon it. God works for good and shows His love mercy and kindness in unfavourable circumstances. His goodness comes by grace-undeserved favour. God shows Himself to be compassionate, merciful and generous to sinful humankind. In His kindness He makes available His righteousness. His loving kindness and goodness is seen through His covenant promises.

Jesus atoning death upon The Cross expresses God's goodness, grace, kindness love and mercy. God's grace and mercy are a source of blessing for humankind. His loving kindness is unfailing towards His covenant people, He forgives sinners. His loving kindness influences the lives of believers. His mercy and grace are given freely; they are qualities of God that cannot be earned. God's qualities bring forth heart-felt gratitude and thanksgiving that is expressed to God in response to His perfection and love towards His Creation. A believer's praises are pleasing to God when they are committed to Him in both word and deed and not to the ways of the world. Because of His deeds and attributes that are incomparable, He deserves honour and praise. His love is the deepest expression of His Great Character and it is lavishly given. Believers should never forget the quality of His many kindnesses. God has compassion and mercy for the sufferings and misfortunes of humankind. He exercises outstanding mercifulness.


Jesus is The Temple, David's Throne points to The Messiah, and David is a type of Christ.

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